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Literary Studies in the Department of English, Faculty of Arts

Studying the language in which we live—and its uses, from poetry to politics to the hidden metaphors of everyday life—offers a strong centre from which to explore the world within and beyond the university. Students in this program have opportunities for creativity and intellectual challenge, through broad and intensive reading, through writing, and through discussion with professors and fellow students. This is a program for students who cannot be satisfied by textbook learning: it demands, develops, and rewards intellectual curiosity, articulate speech and writing, and critical thinking. 


Outstanding scholars recognized as leading Canadian intellectuals.

Social media and digital technology in Michael Ullyot's course help students learn about focus as well as film and literary criticism.

Course descriptions for Fall 2016 term now available.

English Majors and Minors in third year or above are strongly encouraged to enrol in 500-level courses. Please see course descriptions at

Department of English publications by Rebecca Sullivan, Donna Coates, Karen Bourrier, and more.

UPDATE: Important Information for Prospective English Graduate Students. Full course descriptions now available.

Upcoming Events

Date & Time:
September 27, 2016 | 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

This talk will explore some of the consistencies in Marvell's approach to political life, with its debts to seventeenth century raison d'état literature.