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ENGL 694 - Studies in Creative Writing: Prose Fiction

Instructor: Dr. Suzette Mayr
Schedule: Wednesday, 12:30-3:15

Course Description:

English 694 is a graduate course in Creative Writing, intended to offer the advanced writing student an opportunity to work intensively on a long prose piece. Students at this level must be thoroughly familiar with the various elements and theories of narrative intervention or the development of a sustained investigation, and should be prepared to work creatively and imaginatively in applying those theories to their own writing, as well as to their colleagues’ writing. 

This course requires students to work toward completion of a polished prose manuscript of approximately 100 pages. Students who have been given permission to register in this class should already have a clear sense of the project they wish to undertake; and, prior to the first class, they will provide a 250-word description of their project for distribution to the rest of the students. This project might consist of a series of stories, a novella, a series of interconnected tales, a prose-poem, or a work of prose non-fiction. Genre is not a rigid consideration, but the object of this course is to enable each student to realize that project in its greatest possible configuration within the limit of the term. 

Application Requirements: 

In order to be considered for a place in this course, potential students must submit the following in hardcopy by November 1, 2018 to 

Department of English 
University of Calgary 
2500 University Dr. NW 
Calgary, AB T2N 1N4 

1) a completed application form  

2) a 250-word proposal outlining the fiction project you propose to work on during the course 

3) 15 pages of fiction (12-point font, double-spaced). This could include a portion of your proposed project and/or a selection of works that showcases the best of your writing skills. Please do not exceed the 15-page limit. Do not submit originals. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like the department to return your work to you. Students will be selected on the basis of this initial submission and will be notified via email by November 20, 2018.