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ENGL 607.85: Sovereign Rhetorics

Instructor: Dr. Rain Prud'homme-Cranford
Schedule: Wednesday 9:30-12:15

Course Description:

Red Rhetorics (Indigenous Rhet/Comp) foregrounds Indigenous epistemologies (knowledge-making), expanding Indigenous text into material culture, history, law and policy, and the arts and sciences. As Kimberly G. Wieser reminds us, “Stories, languages, and artifacts, such as glyphs and drawings, all carry Indigenous knowledge, directly contributing to American Indian rhetorical structures that have proven resistant—and sometimes antithetical—to Western academic discourse.” Therefore, this course centers rhetorical practices of the Americas emphasizing the ways Indigenous communities create multi-modal meaning making systems that utilize key elements of land, language, sacred histories, kinship systems, ceremonial cycles, audience, and tribally specific hermeneutics through non-alphanumeric, alphanumeric, and kinetic/embodied textual structures with which to name, claim, and assert relationality to and through FNMI/Indigenous experiences.