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ENGL 607.84 - Global Avant Garde

Instructor: Dr. Larissa Lai
Schedule: Wednesday, 12:30-3:15

Course Description:

In Global Justice and Avant-Garde Political Agency, Lea Ypi argues that we can’t know what constitutes avant-garde activity until after the fact because we cannot know the direction in which history will unfold until it has already done so. If the avant-garde places artists and writers in the vanguard of the revolution, how do we recognize them, when we can’t be sure in which direction history is headed? The course will examine several of its possible directions with an emphasis on the Asian, African, Caribbean, Arabic and Indigenous worlds, as well as upon non-Western practitioners in the Western world. Focii may include Caribbean surrealism via the work of Aimé Césaire, Asian American avant-gardes via Walter Lew’s anthology Premonitions and Timothy Yu’s Race and the Avant-Garde and/or the Anishnabe avant-garde of Marie Annharte Baker.