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ENGL 607 - Theoretical and Cultural Studies: TransIndigenous Literature

Instructor: Rain Prud'homme-Cranford
Schedule: F 10:00-12:45

Course Description:

TransIndigenous literary study seeks to move beyond simple comparisons between Indigenous Peoples that occasionally decentralize tribal specificity. Rather, as Chad Allen asserts in Trans-Indigenous: Methodologies for Global Native Literary Studies, “[o]ne of the mutliperspectivist strategies of Trans-Indigenous is to place contemporary Indigenous literature in dialogue with other Indigenous arts and aesthetics… to engage in Indigenous-centered conversations across boundaries of traditional disciplines.” This methodology foregrounds Indigenous epistemologies (knowledge-making) expanding Indigenous text into material culture, history, law and policy, Red Rhetorics (Indigenous Rhet/Comp), and the arts and sciences. In this class we will focus on Indigenous theory reading across Indigenous epistemological frameworks while practicing putting text “into council,” so we might come to a better understanding of the conversations across, between, and within Indigenous communities in the Americas, Pacific, Circum-Caribbean, Northern Europe, and Aisa.