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200 Level Winter 2018


ENGL 203 Lec 01:  "Approaches to LIterature on the Dark Side"
Instructor: Jenny McKenney
Schedule: M/W 2:00-3:15


This introductory course focuses on short narratives that meditate in a variety of ways on the darker side of humanity. Course texts selected from a range of countries and time periods contemplate our innate proclivity for evil, the frightening proximity of madness, haunted people and haunted spaces, and the unsettling business of being ourselves and knowing our neighbors. As an introduction to the discipline, this course will focus primarily on teaching students to be attentive, knowledgeable readers and persuasive writers.

ENGL 203 Lec 02:
Instructor: Chris Olbey
Schedule: T/R 11:00-12:15


What is a literary canon exactly? What significance might a canon hold for literature students in the 21st century? Could a canon be a weapon? What role might canonical literature play in the colonization of people, places, and minds? Are canonical literary texts pure representations of colonizer’s power over the colonized or are they full of cracks and fissures that contain within themselves the seeds of their own demise? How is the process of decolonization of places, people, and minds, facilitated through the conversations between literary texts? What forms of literary criticism are produced through the direct engagement of modern writers with classical and canonical literary texts? These are some of the questions that will be considered in this seminar that emphasizes critical reading, writing, and the preparation of students for advanced undergraduate studies in English.