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ENGL 609 Topic 61 - The Gawain Poet

Instructor: Murray McGillivray
Schedule: Wednesday 8:30-11:15 

Course Description

This course takes advantage of the instructor's funded research into the Cotton Nero A.x. manuscript, which contains the important Middle English poems Pearl, Cleanness, Patience, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. In particular, students will learn manuscript studies/book history and digital humanities approaches to study of these Middle English literary texts by engaging in projects that make use of the high-definition digital manuscript photographs, or the electronic texts produced by the project, or both. More traditional critical study will also be a focus of the course conversation, and in addition to creating a brief annotated bibliography of very recent work on the poems, students will have the option of presenting either a traditional critical term paper or a continuation of their manuscript studies/digital humanites project as a final product.

Reading List

  • The Poems of London, British Library MS Cotton Nero A.x. (art. 3): A Critical Edition [in progress]
  • London, British Library MS Cotton Nero A.x. (art. 3): A Digital Facsimile and Commented Transcription
  • Recent critical articles on the poems.
  • A standard printed edition, such as that of Andrew and Waldron, may also be ordered for student convenience.