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Rain Prud’homme-Cranford (Rain C. Goméz) PhD’s is a “FAT-tastic IndigeNerd” whose  Smoked Mullet Cornbread Crawdad Memory (MEP 2012), won the First Book Award in Poetry from Native Writers’ Circle of the Americas. She is an Assistant Professor of Indigenous Literatures in the Department of English and Affiliated Faculty in the International Indigenous Studies Program at the University of Calgary. Rain’s research focuses on Trans-Indigeniety in the U.S., Canada, Gulf Caribbean, and Latin America. Critical and creative work can be found in various publications. Her current projects include: Gumbo Banaha Stories: The Physics of Indigeniety and Decolonizing the Transnational South and "Remember the Red River Valley:" Transcontinental Red River Narratives of Métissage/Mestizaje & Indigenous Persistence, as well as Louisiana Creole Peoplehood: Tracing Post-Contact Afro-Indigeneity and Community, (forthcoming), edited by Andrew Jolivétte, Rain Prud’homme-Cranford, Carolyn M. Dunn, and Darryl Barthé. She is Co-Editor and Chief, (along with Carolyn Dunn), of That Painted Horse Press, a Borderless Indigenous Press of the Americas.  

Research & Teaching Interests

*Indigenous Studies *Border Literature (Métis/Méstiz@/Gulf Latinidad) *Material Cultural Rhetorics *Comparative Ethnic Studies (ALANA and LGBTAIQ) *EcoLiterature and Indigenous Cultural Sustainability * TransIndigeniety *Ethnic Rhetorics/Studies *American studies/literature *Rhetorics of the Americas *Southern Studies *World Literature *Indigenous Diaspora *Louisiana Indian and Creole Indigeneity *Critical Mixed Race Studies *Indigenous Gender/Sexuality/Two-Spirit **Writing Across the Curriculum for People of Color *People of Color in Popular Culture *Indigenous SF/Fantasy *Literature of Women of Color *Creative Writing (Poetry & Multigenre)

Selected Publications


Prud’homme-Cranford, Rain. Miscegenation Round Dance: Poèmes Historiques.—forthcoming—


Goméz, Rain, C. Smoked Mullet Cornbread Crawdad Memory. Mongrel Empire Press, Norman,

OK . 2012.


 Peer-Reviewed Articles/ Book Chapters:

Prud’homme-Cranford, Rain. “Summoning Swamp Songs: Decolonizing Creole-Indigenous Textual Tributaries.” Swamp Souths: Literary and Cultural Ecologies. Eds. Eric Gary Anderson, Taylor Hagood, Kirstin Squint, and Anthony Wilson. UP — 2018 forthcoming—


Prud’homme-Cranford, Rain. “From Bayou to Academe: A Story of Alliance Making.” The Mississippi Quarterly: New Voices in Southern Studies Special Issue. Fall. (2015), 2017. —solicited submission—


Goméz, Rain Prud’homme C. "Crossin’ the Log: Death, Regionality, and Race in Jeremy Love’s

Bayou." Undead Souths: The Gothic and Beyond in Southern Literature and Culture. Eds. Eric Gary Anderson, Daniel Turner, and Taylor Hagood. Louisiana State Un Press. 2015. 211-223.  


 Cranford Goméz, Rain P. “Hachotakni Zydeco’s Round’a Loop Current: Indigenous, African, &

 Caribbean Mestizaje in Louisiana Literatures.” The Southern Literary Journal: Gulf Coast Special Issue. XLVI, no. 2, Spring. 2014. 88-107.


Goméz, Rain C. “Sassafras Stories Digging for Roots: Louisiana Indigeneities in Literary Expressions.” Louisiana Folklife Journal.  Winter. 2012/13.


Cranford-Goméz, L. Rain. “Brackish Bayou Blood: Weaving Mixedblood Indian Creole Identity

Outside the Written Record.” American Indian Culture and Research Journal. 32, no. 2, 2008. 93-108.


Lesson Plan Articles/ Text Curriculum (Peer edited):

Cranford Gomez, Dr. Rain Prud'homme. "Unfree Men: Slavery among Southeast Indian Nations." Native Daughters Oklahoma: Text Book and Lesson Plans. Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 2016.  


----"Red, Black, and White All Over: African/Native Relations in Indian Country: Oklahoma and Beyond." Native Daughters Oklahoma: Text Book and Lesson Plans. Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 2016.


----"Who Are the Freedmen?: Identity, Citizenship, and Racism." Native Daughters Oklahoma: Text Book and Lesson Plans. Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 2016.


Technical Writing:

Prud’homme-Cranford, Rain PhD. “Affidavit: Choctaw Matrilocal Society and Importance of Hair Culturally.” District Court of Cleveland County: State of Oklahoma. No. FD-2013-921; 2016.


Edited Works:

Editor. Texas to get Horses, by Kimberly G Weiser. This Painted Horse Press, Harrah,

OK. 2018 – forthcoming-


Editor. The Stains of Burden and Dumb Luck, by Carolyn M Dunn. Mongrel Empire Press, Norman, OK. 2017.


Editor. A Thousand Horses Out to Sea, by Erika Wurth. Mongrel Empire Press, Norman, OK. 2017.


Edited Journal Articles:

"Pin-up Pocahontas Princesses and Coming to Terms with my Fat Ass: A Mixed-Blood / Mixed-WordSurvival Guide." Yellow Medicine Review. Fall, 2011.


Books in Progress:

Gumbo Banaha Stories: Louisiana Indigeneities and Decolonizing the Transnational South. (signal author monograph)


Louisiana Creole Peoplehood: Tracing Post-Contact Afro-Indigeneity and Community. Eds. Andrew Jolivétte, Rain Prud’homme-Cranford, Carolyn Dunn, and Darryl Barthé


"Remember the Red River Valley:" Transcontinental Narratives of Métissage/Méstizaje and  Indigenous Persistence. (signal author monograph)


SELECTED Poetry, Multigenre, & Prose

Prud’homme-Cranford, Rain and Carolyn M. Dunn. “Grandma’s Zydeco Stompdance: A Patchwork Poem.” World Literature Today: Native Renaissance Third and Fourth Wave Special Collection. 2017

 “Oka/Di’loo.” Rabbit and Rose. Winter, 2017.

“40.” AsUs. Fall 2015.

“Loom.” AsUs. Fall 2015.

“Oklahoma Dust.” AsUs. Fall 2015.

“Oklahoma Ghazal” Plume. Summer, 2015.

“How Turtle Begins to Relearn Her Language (broken shell & broken phrases)” Plume. Summer, 2015.

 “My House Fell Down” Plume. Summer, 2015.

“Sweeping Away” Rabbit and Rose. Summer,2015.

 “CathoIndian” The Mas Tequila Review. 2015.

“Love Song for Paracolonial Occupation” The Mas Tequila Review. Spring, 2015.

“’Stereo Jungle Child. ’” Yellow Medicine Review. Fall, 2014.

"Steed-Toed." World Literature Today (World-Wide Working-Class Special issue). November, 2013.

"Red River Moan." Rabbit and Rose; Water Issue: Fall, 2013.

"Rituals of Morning Water." The Lake Rises. Stockport Flats Press, 2013.

"Pens and Cellulite." Women Write Resistance: Poets Resist Gender Violence. Blue  Light Press, 2013.

"Fish Guts." Yellow Medicine Review. Fall, 2012.

"OKC Redux." Yellow Medicine Review. Fall, 2012.

"Miscegenation Round Dance." Tidal Basin Review: Cultural Pride Issue. Summer/August, 2012.


“Bayuk.” Sugar Mule: Women Writing Nature. August Issue, 2012.


  • PhD - English; Specializations: Native American Studies and Critical Mixed Race
    University of Oklahoma, 2014
  • MA - American Studies; Specializations American Indian Studies and American Indian Rhetorics
    Michigan State University, 2005
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