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A Postcolonial Studies Research Group presentation:

"Emerging from the rubbles of ‘Spirit Piracy’: Renewing sacred relationships"
by Line Laplante
Wed. Dec. 1, 2010
3:00pm to 5:00pm
Social Sciences 1153

Line Laplante is Métis (French/Cree) from the Ottawa Valley, a mother and grandmother. She is an instructor with the International Indigenous Studies Program at the University of Calgary teaching courses on “Indigenous Ethics & Protocols” and “Aboriginal Spirituality and the Natural World.” She completed a thesis-based Master of Arts Degree in 2009 titled, Native Spirituality: Spirit Piracy in Native Sweat Lodges. The year 2008 was special for Line, as she received a $17,500 SSHRC award and triumphed as First Place Co-Winner for the Student Graduate Prize Paper at the Northwest Anthropological Conference in Victoria, B.C. She graduated with a Combined Bachelor of Arts Degrees in International Indigenous Studies and Development Studies in 2006 (both with distinction) from the University of Calgary. Line will speak on the impacts of Spirit Piracy and the need to heal from an age-old process of spiritual fragmentation.

All are welcome! Admission is free!