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Prepositional Phrase

Prepositional Phrases

A preposition is a word which relates a noun phrase to another word or phrase in a sentence (examples: above, below, in, on, among(st), from, with, until). For more information on prepositions, see tutorial 1.5a.

A prepositional phrase consists of a preposition followed by its object and its object's modifiers .

The object of a preposition is the noun phrase which the preposition relates to another part of the sentence.


     We played volley ball on the beach.

     prepositional phrase: on the beach

A prepositional phrase consists of a preposition, an object of that preposition, and any modifiers of that object.
  Seeking my grade, I tried calling the Registrar's
  office but the receptionist told me to check the
  office doors in the appropriate buildings.
In the sentence above, in the appropriate buildings, is an example of a prepositional phrase.

It begins with the preposition in followed by its object, buildings. Buildings is modified by the adjective appropriate.

Prepositional Phrases

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