III. Punctuation

3.1 Period, Question Mark, Exclamation Mark

a. Period, Question Mark, and Exclamation Mark

3.2 Colon and Semi-colon

a. Colon, Semi-Colon

3.3 Dash and Slash

a. Dash, Slash

3.4 Commas and...

a. Compound Sentences
b. Adverbial Clauses
c. Restrictives/Non-restrictives
d. Interjections
e. Conjunctions
f. Items in a Series
g. Appositives
h. Parallel Structures
i. Comma Splices
j. Preventing Misunderstandings

3.5 Ellipsis

a. Ellipsis

3.6 Parentheses and Square Brackets

a. Parentheses and Square Brackets

3.7 Apostrophe

a. Apostrophe

3.8 Quotation Marks

a. Quotation Marks

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