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The English Department offers strong grounding in research skills, including practical application through Research Assistantships. Our primary interest is serious scholarship, and students in our program enjoy a dynamic, engaged scholarly community with a widely respected research-driven faculty. The Research Groups in various fields (eg: Postcolonial; Medieval and Early Modern Studies; Creative Writing), which welcome graduate student participation. Our award-winning faculty hold grants in a variety of areas to support research projects.

Current winners of SSHRC Standard Research Grants

  • Prof. James Ellis: "Gardens, Space and Motion in The Faerie Queen"
  • Prof. Murray McGillivray: "Cotton nero A.x. project conclusion"
  • Prof. Jeanne Perreault: "Feminizing Photojournalism, World War II"

Current winners of the SSHRC Research/Creation grants in Fine Arts

  • Prof. Christian Bök: "The Xenotext Experiment"
  • Prof. Robert Majzels: "85, experiments in the reception of Chinese poetry: a multimedia, trans-cultural approach"

Current winners of SSHRC Insight Development Grants

  • Prof. Michael Ullyot: "Encoding Shakespeare"

Research Involving Human Subjects

Any research proposal involving human subjects (including interviewees) must be approved by the Graduate Executive Committee and then forwarded to the University Ethics Committee with a statement indicating that the research has been approved by the Department. If a certificate is necessary for students applying to granting agencies, the Ethics Committee will provide that certificate on the strength of departmental recommendation. For further information please contact the General Faculties Council Specialist at 403-220-6062 or the Faculty of Arts Dean's office.