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The relationship between student and supervisor is integral to the success of your graduate program. On entering the program, students are appointed an interim supervisor, normally the Associate Head (Graduate Studies) for the first eight months.

Finding a Supervisor

It is your responsibility to find a supervisor willing to supervise your research project. Without an appointed supervisor, you may not register for a second year in the Faculty of Graduate Studies. If you wish to complete the M.A. degree in one year will need a supervisor earlier.

In seeking an appropriate supervisor, consider which professors have research interests that coincide with your own (the English Department page Continuing Faculty by Specialization is a good place to start.) You may consult with Suzette Mayr, Associate Head (Graduate Studies) about your choices.

Contact potential supervisors and discuss their interest in your research topic as well as their availability for supervision. Students are advised to read the Faculty of Graduate Studies Guidelines Governing the Supervisory Relationship on the role of the supervisor and to discuss with potential supervisors how they perceive the relationship of student and supervisor.

Registration of Supervisor

After finding a supervisor, the registration form must be completed and submitted to the Associate Head (Graduate Studies) for approval by the Graduate Executive Committee (GEC) of the Department of English. The Registration forms are posted to

Progress Reports

Students must meet with supervisors at fairly regular intervals. By May 15 of each year, students are required to complete the on-line Graduate Student Progress Report. This form is accessible to students by logging on to the Student Centre in My UofC. Once a student has filled out the on-line form, the supervisor will be automatically notified to complete his or her section of the form.