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Postcolonial Literature

Field of StudyReading List

Postcolonial literature is a vast, wide-ranging field, which this list only scantily represents. Students are encouraged to supplement it as much as they can.

Students are also expected to familiarize themselves with current and significant scholarship in the field.

Theory (27 books 7 articles)

Ahmad, Aijaz. In Theory: Classes, Nations, Literature (1993). 
Appiah, Kwame Anthony. "Is the Post- in Postmodernism the Post- in Postcolonial?" Critical Inquiry 17 (1991). 
Ashcroft, Bill, Garth Griffiths, and Helen Tiffin. The Empire Writes Back: Theory and Practice in Post-colonial Literatures (1989).
Bhabha, Homi. The Location of Culture (1994).
Chow, Rey. Writing Diaspora: Tactics of Intervention in Contemporary Cultural Studies (1993).
Coetzee, J. M. White Writing: The Culture of Letters in South Africa (1989).
During, Simon. "Postmodernism or Postcolonialism." Landfall 39 (1985).
Eagleton, Terry, Fredric Jameson, and Edward Said. Nationalism, Colonialism, and Literature (1990).
Fanon, Franz. The Wretched of the Earth (1968).
Gates, Henry Louis, Jr., ed. Race, Writing, and Difference (1986).
Glissant, Edouard. Caribbean Discourse: Selected Essays. Trans. J. Michael Dash (1989).
Guha, Ranajit, and Gayatri Spivak. Selected Subaltern Studies (1988).
Gurr, Andrew. Writers in Exile: The Identity of Home in Modern Literature (1981).
Hall, Stuart. "The Local and the Global." Dangerous Liaisons: Gender, Nation, and Postcolonial Perspectives (Ed. Anne McClintock et al., 1997).
Harris, Wilson. The Womb of Space: The Cross-cultural Imagination (1983).
Huggan, Graham. The Postcolonial Exotic: Marketing the Margins (2001).
Jameson, Fredric. "The Third World Literature in Era of Multinational Capitalism." Social Text 15 (1986).
JanMohamed, Abdul. "The Economy of Manichean Allegory: The Function of Racial Difference in Colonialist Literature." Critical Inquiry 12 (1985).
McClintock, Anne. Imperial Leather; Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Colonial Context (1995).
Moore-Gilbert, Bart. Postcolonial Theory: Contexts, Practices, Politics (1997).
Moss, Laura. Is Canada Postcolonial (2003).
Mphahlele, Es'kia. The African Image (1962).
Naipaul, V, S. Reading and Writing (2000).
Ngugi wa Thiong'o. Decolonizing the Mind: The Politics of Language in African Literature (1986).
Parry, Benita. Postcolonial Studies: A Materialist Critique (2004).
Pratt, Mary Louise. Imperial Eyes: Travel Writing and Transculturation (1992).
Rushdie, Salman. Imaginary Homelands: Essays and Criticism, 1981-1991 (1991).
Said, Edward. Orientalism (1978).
Said, Edward. Culture and Imperialism (1993)
Spivak, Gayatri. In Other Worlds: Essays in Cultural Politics (1987).
Trinh, T. Minh-ha. Woman, Native, Other: Writing Postcoloniality and Feminism (1989) 
Viswanathan, Gauri. "The Beginnings of English Literary Study in India." Oxford Literary Review 9:1&2 (1987). 
Young, Robert. White Mythologies: Writing History and the West (1990).
Young, Robert. Colonial Desire: Hybridity in Theory, Culture and Race (1995).

Africa (16 novels, 5 selected pieces)

Aidoo, Ama Ata. No Sweetness Here (1970).
Achebe, Chinua. Things Fall Apart (1958).
Coetzee, J.M. Foe (1986). 
Emecheta, Buchi. The Joys of Motherhood (1979).
Equiano, Olaudah. The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa the African (1789). 
Farah, Nuruddin. Maps (1986). 
Fugard, Athol. One of his plays. 
Gordimer, Nadine. July's People (1981).
Head, Bessie. The Collector of Treasures (1977).
Lessing, Doris. The Grass is Singing (1950).
Liyong, Taban lo. Representative poems.
Marachera, Dambudzo. Representative poems.
Ngugi wa Thiong'o. The River Between (1965). 
Okri, Ben. The Famished Road (1992).
Paton, Alan. Cry, the Beloved Country (1948). 
p'Bitek, Okot. Representative poems.
Schreiner, Olive. An African Farm (1883).
Soyinka, Wole. Representative poems and a play.
Tutuola, Amos. Palm-Wine Drinkard (1952).
Walters, Joseph Jeffrey. Guanya Pau (1891).
Wicomb, Zoë You Can't get Lost in Cape Town (1999).

Asia (20 novels, 5 selected pieces)

Ahmed Ali. Twilight in Delhi (1940).
Anand, Mulk Raj. Untouchable (1940).
Das, Kamala. Representative poems.
Desai, Anita. Clear Light of Day (1980).
Ezekiel, Nissim. Representative poems.
Ghose, Amitav. The Shadow Lines (1988).
Jhabvala, Ruth Prawer. Heat and Dust (1975).
Khan, Razia. Representative poems.
Kingston, Maxine Hong. The Woman Warrior (1976).
Kureishi, Hanif. The Buddha of Suburbia (1990).
Lim, Catherine. Representative poems.
Maniam, K, S. The Return (1981) or Lloyd Fernando's Scorpion Orchid (1976) OR Lee Kok Liang's Flowers in the Sky (1981)
Markandaya, Kamala. Nectar in a Sieve (1954).
Mistry, Rohinton. Such a Long Journey (1991). 
Mo, Timothy. The Monkey King (1978).
Mukherjee, Bharati. Jasmine (1989).
Narayan, R.K. Waiting for the Mahatma (1955).
Ondaatje, Michael. Running in the Family (1982).
Rao, Raja. The Serpent and the Rope (1960).
Roy, Arundhati. The God of Small Things (1997).
Rushdie, Salman. Midnight's Children (1981).
Sahgal, Nayantara. Rich Like Us (1985). 
Sidwa, Bapsi. The Ice-Candy Man (1988; published in US as Cracking India [1991]).
Suleri, Sara. Meatless Days (1987).
Yeo, Robert. Representative poems.

Caribbean (13 novels, 6 selected pieces)

Bissoondath, Neil. A Casual Brutality (1988).
Brodber, Erna. Myal (1988).
Brand, Dionne. At the Full and Change of the Moon (1999).
Brathwaite, Edward. Representative poems.
Dabydeen, David. Representative poems. 
Césaire, Aimé. A Tempest Trans. Richard Miller (1985).
Clarke, Austin. Among Thistles and Thorns
Goodison, Lorna. Representative poems.
Harris, Claire. Representative poems.
Harris, Wilson. Palace of the Peacock (1960). 
Kincaid, Jamaica. Annie John (1985).
Lamming, George. In the Castle of My Skin (1957).
Levy, Andrea. Small Island (2004).
Morris, Mervyn. Representative poems.
Naipaul, V. S. A House for Mr. Biswas (1961) and one other novel.
Phillips, Caryl. Crossing the River (1993).
Rhys, Jean. Wide Sargasso Sea (1966).
Selvon, Sam. Moses Ascending (1971).
Walcott, Derek. Representative poems and one play.

South Pacific (14 novels, 4 selected pieces)

Carey, Peter. The True History of the Kelly Gang (2000).
Davis, Jack. The Dreamers (1982).
Flanagan, Richard. Gould's Book of Fish (2001).
Ginibi, Ruby Langford. Don't Take Your Love to Town (1988).
Hagedorn, Jessica. Dogeaters (1990).
Hulme, Keri. The Bone People (1983).
Koch, Chris. The Doubleman (1985).
Malouf, David. Conversations at Curlow Creek (1975).
Murray, Les A. Representative poems.
Narogin, Mudrooroo. Wild Cat Falling (1965).
Prichard, Katherine. Susannah Coonardoo (1928).
Rodriguez, Judith. Representative poems.
Scott, Kim. Benang: From the Heart (1999).
Stead, C.K. All Visitors Ashore (1984).
Subramani. Representative stories.
Wedde, Ian. Representative poems.
Wendt, Albert. Ola (1991).
White, Patrick. Riders in the Chariot (1962).

British Perspective: (4 novels and 1 play)

Cary, Joyce. Mister Johnson (1939).
Conrad, Joseph. Heart of Darkness (1902).
Forster, E. M. A Passage to India (1924).
Kipling, Rudyard. Kim (1901).
Shakespeare, William. The Tempest (1611).

Readers and Anthologies

(Consult these for representative and key shorter texts)

Adeola, James, ed. In Their Own Voices: African Women Writers Talk (1990). 
ARIEL special issues: "Postcolonialism and Its Discontents" (26:1&3, 1995); "Postcolonialism & Postmodernism" (20:4, 1989); "Institutionalizing English Studies: Poscolonial/Postindependence Challenge" (31:1, 2000). 
Ashcroft, Bill, Garth Griffiths, and Helen Tiffin, eds. The Post-colonial Studies Reader (1995); Postcolonial Studies: The Key Concepts (1998). 
Benson, Eugene, and L.W. Conolly. Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Literatures in English (1994). Brown, Stewart, and John Wickham, eds. The Oxford Book of Caribbean Short Stories (1999). Hawley, John C., ed. Encyclopedia of Postcolonial Studies (2001). 
King, Bruce, ed. New National and Post-Colonial Literatures (1996). 
McGillis, Rod, ed. Voices of the Other: Children's Literature, Colonialism, Postcolonialism and Neo-colonialism (2000). 
Mongia, Padmini, ed. Contemporary Postcolonial Theory: A Reader. (1996). 
Moore-Gilbert, Bart, Gareth Stanton, and Willy Maley, eds. Postcolonial Criticism (1996). 
Ramraj, Victor J., ed. Concert of Voices: An Anthology of World Writing in English (1995). 
Thieme, John, ed. The Arnold Anthology of Post-Colonial Literature in English (1996). 
Williams, Patrick, and Laura Chrisman, eds. Colonial Discourse and Postcolonial Theory (1992).