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Indigenous Literature

Field of Study Reading List

This list includes anthologies which should be read in their entirety as they are an essential source of material. Each anthology should be considered the equivalent of two books.

Literary Anthologies:

  1. Angmarlik, Pauloosie, Peter Kulchyski, Don McCaskill and David Newhouse, eds. In the Words of Elders: aboriginal cultures in transition.  Toronto: U of Toronto P, 1999. 
  2. Armstrong, Jeannette and Lally Grauer, eds. Native Poetry in Canada: A Contemporary Anthology. Peterborough, ON: Broadview, 2001.
  3. Day, David & Marilyn Bowering, eds. Many voices: An Anthology of Contemporary Canadian Indian poetry.  Vancouver: J.J. Douglas, 1977. 
  4. Harjo, Joy and Gloria Bird, eds. Reinventing the Enemy's Language: Contemporary Native Women's Writings of North America. New York: Norton, 1997.
  5. Heiss, Anita and Peter Minter, eds. Anthology of Australian Aboriginal Literature. Montréal: McGill-Queen's U P, 2008.
  6. Ihimaera, Witi, ed. Get On The Waka: Best Recent Maori Fiction. Wellington: Reed Books, 2007.
  7. King, Thomas, ed. All My Relations : An anthology of contemporary Canadian native fiction.  Norman: U of Oklahoma P, 1990.
  8. Roman, Trish Fox, ed. Voices under One Sky: Contemporary Native literature: reflections in fiction and non-fiction.  Scarborough, ON: Nelson, 1994. 
  9. Swann, Brian, ed. Coming to Light: Contemporary Translations of the Native Literatures of North America. New York: Random House, 1995.
  10. Unaipon, David. Legendary Tales of the Australian Aborigines. Ed. Stephen Muecke and Adam Shoemaker.  Carlton, Vic.: Miegunyah, 2001.

Early Writing/Historical Writing:

  1. Black Hawk. Black Hawk's Autobiography. Ed. Roger L. Nichols. Ames: Iowa State U P, 1999. Rpt. of Life of Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kaik or Black Hawk. 1833.
  2. Copway, George. Life, Letters, and Speeches. Ed. A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff and Donald B. Smith. Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 1997.
  3. Johnson, E. Pauline. Flint and FeathersThe Complete Poems of Pauline E. Johnson (Tekahionwake). Introduction by Theordore Watts-Dunton. Markham, Ont. : PaperJacks, 1981, c1972.
  4. Kilcup, Karen L., ed. Native American Women's Writing, c. 1800-1924: An Anthology. Oxford: Blackwell, 2000.
  5. Mourning Dove. Cogewea, the Half Blood. 1927. Lincoln: U of Nebraska P, 1981.
  6. Ridge, John Rollin [Yellow Bird]. The Life and Adventures of Joaquín Murieta. 1854. Norman: U of Oklahoma P, 1955.
  7. van Toorn, Penelope. Writing never arrives naked : early Aboriginal cultures of writing in Australia.  Canberra: Aboriginal Studies Press, 2006.
  8. Winnemucca, Sarah. Life Among the Piutes. 1882. Las Vegas: U of Nevada P, 1994.


  1. Angilirq, Paul Apak, Zacharias Kunuk, Hervé Paniaq and Pauloosie Qulitalik. Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner. Canada: Coach House Books and Isuma Publishing, 2002.
  2. Ipellie, Alootook. Arctic Dreams and Nightmares. Penticton, B.C: Theytus Books, 1993.
  3. Nuligak. I, Nuligak. Ed & translator Maurice Metayer. Peter Martin Assocates, 1968.
  4. Petrone, Penny. Northern Voices: Inuit Writing in English. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1988.
  5. Pitseolak, Peter and Dorothy Harley Eber. People from Our Side: A Life Story with Photographs and Oral Biography. Indiana: Indiana University Press, 1978.

North American Drama:

  1. Clements, Marie. Burning Vision. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2003.
  2. Highway, Tomson. Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing. Saskatoon: Fifth House, 1989.
  3. Mojica, Monique. Princess Pocahontas and the Blue Spots. Toronto: Women's Press, 1991.
  4. Moses, Daniel David, ed. Native Canadian Fiction and Drama. Toronto: Exile Editions, 2010.
  5. Taylor, Drew Hayden. Only Drunks and Children Tell the Truth. Burnaby, BC: Talonbooks, 1998.

North American Poetry:

  1. Armstrong, Jeannette. Breath Tracks. Stratford, ON: Williams-Wallace/Penticton, BC: Theytus, 1991.
  2. Blaeser, Kimberly.  Absentee Indians and Other Poems. East Lansing: U of Michigan P, 2002.    
  3. Chrystos. Not Vanishing. Vancouver: Press Gang, 1988.
  4. Halfe, Louise Bernice. Bear Bones & Feathers. Saskatoon: Coteau Books, 1994.
  5. Harjo, Joy. In Mad Love and War. Hanover, NH: Wesleyan UP, 1990.
  6. Joe, Rita. We Are the Dreamers: Recent and Early Poetry. Wreck Cove, NS: Breton Books, 1999.
  7. Morse, Gary Thomas. Discovery Passages. Vancouver: Talon Books, 2011.
  8. 36.   Scofield, Gregory. Kipocihkân. Toronto: Nightwood Editions, 2009.

North American Prose:

  1. Alexie, Sherman. The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press, 1993.
  2. Armstrong, Jeannette. Whispering in Shadows. Penticton, BC: Theytus, 2000.
  3. Erdrich, Louise. Love Medicine. New York: Holt, Rinehart, 1984.
  4. ___. Tracks. New York: Henry Holt, 1988.
  5. Highway, Tomson. Kiss of the Fur Queen. Norman: U of Oklahoma P, 1998.
  6. Hogan, Linda. Mean Spirit. New York: Atheneum, 1990.
  7. King, Thomas. Green Grass, Running Water. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1993.
  8. Maracle. Lee. Ravensong. Vancouver: Press Gang Publishers, 1993.
  9. McNickle, D'Arcy. The Surrounded. Albuquerque: U of New Mexico P, 1936.
  10. Momaday, N. Scott. A House Made of Dawn. Tucson: U of Arizona Press, 1969.
  11. ___. The Way to Rainy Mountain. Tucson: U of Arizona P, 1996.
  12. Mosionier, Beatrice Culleton. In Search of April Raintree: Critical Edition. Ed. Cheryl Suzack. Winnipeg: Portage and Main Press, 1999.
  13. Ortiz, Simon J. Woven Stone. Tempe: U of Arizona P, 1992.
  14. Robinson, Eden. Monkey Beach. Toronto: Knopf Canada, 2000.
  15. Silko, Leslie Marmon. Almanac of the Dead: A Novel. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1991.
  16. Wagamese, Richard. Keeper ‘n Me. Toronto: Doubleday, 1994.

North American Memoirs/Storytellers:

  1. Campbell Maria. Halfbreed. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1973.
  2. ___. Stories of the Road Allowance People. Penticton, BC: Theytus Books, 1995.
  3. Hungry Wolf, Beverly. The Ways of My Grandmothers. Toronto: William Morrow, 1998.
  4. Knockwood, Isabelle. Out of the Depths: The Experiences of Mi’Kmaw Children at the Indian Residential School at Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia.Lockport, NS: Roseway Publishing, 2001.
  5. Maracle. Lee. I Am Woman: A native perspective on sociology and feminismVancouver: Press Gang, 1996.
  6. Robinson, Harry. Write it on Your Heart: The Epic World of an Okanagan Storyteller. Comp. and ed. Wendy Wickwire. Penticton, BC: Theytus Books, 1989.
  7. Silko, Leslie Marmom. Storyteller. New York: Seaver Books, 1981.

Australian/Maori Drama:

  1. Tuwhare, Hone. “In the wilderness without a hat.” Focus: Theatre and Drama in New Zealand. St Lucia, Qld: Australasian Drama Studies, 18, Dept. of English, University of Queensland, 1991. Print. (M)

Australian/Maori Poetry:

  1. Davis, Jack. Jagardoo: Poems from Aboriginal Australia. Sydney: Methuen, 1978. (Aus)
  2. Fogarty, Lionel. Dha'lan Djani Mitti: Collected Poems. Cambridge: Salt, 2007. (Aus)

Australian/Maori Prose:

  1. Behrendt, Larissa. Legacy. Queensland: University of Queenland Press, 2009. (Aus)
  2. Duff, Alan. Once Were Warriors. Auckland: Tandem, 1990. (M)
  3. Grace, Patricia. Potiki. London: Women's Press, 1987. (M)
  4. Hulme, Keri. The Bone People. London: Hoddard and Staunton, 1985. (M)
  5. Ihimaera, Witi. The Whale Rider. Wellington: Reed Books, 1987. (M)
  6. Te Awekotuku, Ngahuia. Tahuri. Toronto: Women's Press, 1993. (M)
  7. Ward, Glenyse. Unna You Fullas. Broome: Magabala Books, 1991. (Aus)
  8. Weller, Archie.  The Day of the Dog. Sydney: Allen & Unwin, 1981. (Aus)
  9. Wongar, B.  Babaru: stories.  North Ryde, N.S.W.: Angus & Robertson, 1991. (Aus)

Australian/Maori Memoirs/Storytellers:

  1. Morgan, Sally. My Place. London: Virago, 1987. (Aus)
  2. Noonuccal, Oodgeroo. Stradbroke dreamtime.  Pymble, N.S.W.: Angus & Robertson, 1992. (Aus)
  3. Smith, Shirley, with Bobbi Sykes. MumShirl. Richmond, Victoria: Heinemann, 1981. (Aus)


  1. Trask, Haunauni Kay. Night Is A Sharkskin Drum. Honolulu: U of Hawaii P, 2002.
  2. Wendt, Albert, Reina Whaitiri and Robert Sullivan, eds. Whetu moana: contemporary Polynesian poems in English. Honolulu: University of Hawaii Press, 2003.