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Our Ph.D. Program

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The Department of English offers a Ph.D. degree with one specialization, Literature in English

The Creative Writing option is available within this specialization. See the Creative Writing website for further information about courses, resources, research, etc.  and the PhD with creative dissertation.

The English Ph.D. program involves several components which must be completed within the specified period. Follow the Timeline for English PhD degree flowchart to move smoothly through the requirements. Consult Managing my Program on the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for resources and best practices for managing your graduate career.

Information concerning our PhD requirements appear in the English program description of the current Graduate Calendar.

The University of Calgary Graduate Candidacy Regulations govern the conduct of admission to graduate candidacy.  English PhD students must successfully complete the English Candidacy Requirements (implemented in May 2016).  Students admitted before May 2016 should contact the Graduate Director with any questions.   

Download the official English Candidacy requirements

Post-candidacy and thesis requirements are set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and appear in the Academic Regulations section of the current Graduate Calendar.

Old Candidacy Requirements (prior to May 2016)

Old Candidacy Requirements 

Old Candidacy Timeline