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Students enrolled in the course-based MA can take advantage of simplified regulations and the possibility of speedy completion. Because it allows a student to develop more breadth in course work than the MA with thesis, it is an excellent foundation for PhD work. The requirements of the course-based MA program are as follows:

  • English 691 or equivalent
  • A reading knowledge of one language other than English (see the Second Language Requirement).
  • After a BA Honours English degree or its equivalent, students must complete four graduate full-course equivalents (FCEs), selected in consultation with the Associate Head (Graduate) to meet departmental historical distribution requirements.

Historical Distribution Requirements:

  • At least one (1) half-course equivalent in literature from the twentieth century and after, AND
  • At least one (1) half-course equivalent in literature from one of the four areas listed below:
  • Mediaeval literature
  • Early Modern literature
  • Restoration and eighteenth-century literature
  • Romantic literature and Victorian literature.

There is no formal exit requirement (e.g., an oral examination) in addition to the requirements listed above. A full course load is considered two to three half-courses per semester, depending on whether the student also has a Graduate Teaching Assistantship. Students should note that no courses are offered during the spring and summer semesters. Given these factors, it is expected that students can complete this degree within 18 months. Current and incoming students interested in this option should discuss it with the Program Administrator.