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Our long-standing creative writing program has been one of the triumphs of our department, faculty and university. Aided by the Calgary Distinguished Writers Program, it has attracted national and international acclaim. It is one of the busiest and most productive areas of our Department. The Creative Writing faculty are all accomplished writers who, together, offer instruction in the broadest possible range of writing genres, styles and aesthetic concerns.

Teaching, research, creativity, publication, editorial work, journalism, and contributing to the Calgary and Canadian arts communities are so interwoven for faculty members in this program that it is difficult to isolate the research component. That scholarly research is essential, however, is apparent in the fact that in addition to an immense number of publications in the genres of fiction, poetry and drama, as well as in tranlsation, faculty members also published: critical articles, books,  edited collections, conference papers, and innumerable book reviews alongside engaging in a wide range of literary readings, community and cultural events locally, nationally and internationally.

The University of Calgary does not offer a degree in Creative Writing. We offer an M.A. or Ph.D. in English Literature with a Creative Writing option. For this reason, students considering a Creative Writing option at the M.A. or Ph.D. level are admitted to the program on the basis of their academic preparation and fulfill the same requirements, including course work, as other M.A. or Ph.D candidates in English. This means they will be taking literature courses as well as writing workshops.

For more information about Creative Writing courses and requirements, contact:

Creative Writing Coordinators

Prof. Aritha van Herk

Dr. Suzette Mayr


2017-2018 Undergraduate Courses in Creative Writing

Fall 2017

English 693 - Studies in Creative Writing
Instructor: Shannon Maguire

Other Creative Writing Courses offered at the University of Calgary

  • Credit Courses in Playwriting, (for example, Drama 371 are offered through the Department of Drama (220-5421).
  • For courses in Creative Writing, Creative Writing for Women, and Creative Writing for Self-development consult Continuing Education (220-2952).