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In addition to preparing for thesis research, graduate courses provide an advanced foundation for future research and teaching. Students best prepare themselves for academic and other employment by selecting courses that, besides meeting the Department's historical breadth requirements, cover a range of literary genres, geographical regions, and theoretical approaches.

In the first year of the full-time thesis and course-based programs, students must take at least two full-course equivalents in addition to English 691 (Graduate Pro-Seminar). With the approval of the Department, graduate students may take for credit up to one full-course equivalent at the 500 level (excluding English 504); however, students should consult with the Graduate Director about the advisability of this. Where a course is cross listed at 600 and 500 levels, graduate students must register at the 600 level.

N.B. Students should bear in mind that, for many courses, some undergraduate work in the area is considered essential. They should see instructors as soon as possible to ascertain what preparation may be required, to ask for further reading in the field and to find out what assignments for credit are required, e.g. essays, oral reports, examinations. Courses and reading lists are subject to change.

When choosing courses, keep in mind the course requirements for each program.