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UNFLATTENING: A Dissertation in Comics Form Reimagines Scholarship

Date & Time:
April 9, 2015 | 9:30 am - 11:00 am
Social Sciences 1114 (The Judith Sloman Reading Room)
Nick Sousanis, Post-doctoral Fellow, Department of English, University of Calgary

Nick Sousanis will discuss Unflattening, his first of its kind dissertation, which he wrote and drew entirely in comics – its very form embodying its central argument for the value of visual thinking in teaching and learning. For the presentation, he will share extensive visuals from Unflattening, now a book from Harvard University Press, to illuminate a discussion on the work’s themes, the unique ways comics represent thought, his experience and the challenges of making comics as scholarship, and the broader implications that this and other alternative forms of scholarship raise for academia. 

Nick earned his doctorate in education at Teachers College, Columbia University in 2014, and is currently an Eyes High Postdoctoral Fellow in Comics Studies at the University of Calgary. Learn more about Unflattening at Harvard University Press, excerpts and other comics