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Creative Writing Undergraduate Courses

All our Creative Writing courses encourage diverse approaches to writing; however, they are not courses in how to get published. They are intended to help students to become better writers, with respect to language, structure, form and all the elements of poetry, fiction and creative writing in general.

You do not have to be an English major to take any of the creative writing courses. They are open to any student or community person who wants to apply.

All creative writing courses are credit English courses.

A student may earn a notation on his or her transcript indicating a Creative Writing concentration with three satisfactorily completed full courses in Creative Writing.

Students may choose to undertake a creative writing project in the English Honours program.

General Guidelines for Portfolio Submission
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Creative Writing Research Group

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2017-2018 Undergraduate Courses in Creative Writing

Fall/Winter 2017-2018

English 366 - Fiction Writing I
Instructor: Aritha van Herk

English 494 - Poetry Writing II
Instructor: Larissa Lai

English 594 - Prose Fiction Workshop
Instructor - Suzette Mayr

Other Creative Writing Courses offered at the University of Calgary

  • Credit Courses in Playwriting, (for example, Drama 371 are offered through the Department of Drama (220-5421).
  • For courses in Creative Writing, Creative Writing for Women, and Creative Writing for Self-development consult Continuing Education (220-2952).