University of Calgary


 Continuing Faculty by Specialty

Listing of faculty members by field of expertise.

Current winners of SSHRC Standard Research Grants

Prof. James Ellis
“Gardens, Space and Motion in The Faerie Queen

Prof. Murray McGillivray
“Cotton nero A.x. project conclusion”

Current winners of the SSHRC Research/Creation grants in Fine Arts

Prof. Christian Bök
“The Xenotext Experiment”

Prof. Robert Majzels
“85, experiments in the reception of Chinese poetry: a multimedia, trans-cultural approach” 

Current winners of SSHRC Insight Development Grants

Prof. Michael Ullyot
“Encoding Shakespeare”



Creative Writing Research Group: Christian Bök, Robert Majzels, Clem Martini, Suzette Mayr, Aritha van Herk, Rachel Zolf

Medieval and Early Modern Studies: Faculty members of this research area include three Full Professors (Susan Bennett, Jim Ellis, and Murray McGillivray), three Associate Professors (Jacqueline Jenkins, Mary Polito, and Maria Zytaruk), an Assistant Professor (Michael Ullyot) and a Senior Instructor (Jennifer McKenney). We coordinate the Medieval and Renaissance Cultural Studies Research Group (MARCS).

Postcolonial Studies Research Group: Since 1970, the English Department has been the home of ARIEL: A Review of International English Literature, one of the early journals in the field that became postcolonial studies. Under the editorship of Shaobo Xie, Faye Halpern, and Michael Clarke (with Reviews Editor David Oakleaf), it is supported by SSHRC and the Department of English, as well as by subscribers and contributors in more than fifty countries around the world. Postcoloniality, globalization and diasporic studies have continued to be areas of research and increasing publication by Clara Joseph, Pamela McCallum, Victor Ramraj, and Shaobo Xie.

U.S. Studies Group Research Group: Michael T. Clarke

Ethics and Political Philosophy Research Group: Clara Joseph