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Remarkable Student Achievements and Publications

PhD Students

Jonathan Ball (Ex Machina, Clockfire)

Rob Budde (Catch as Catch, Misshapen, Flicker, In Muddy Water); tenured position at the University of Nothern British Columbia 

Mark Giles (Knucklehead); SSHRC and Killam grants

Jessica Grant (Come, Thou Tortoise, Random House, 2009);Winner of Newfoundland and Labrador's Winterset Award, (Making Light of the Tragedy); Winner of the Journey Prize 2004, SSHRC grant

Adrian Kelly (Down Sterling Road)

Larissa Lai (When Fox is a Thousand, Salt Fish Girl, Sybil Unrest (with Rita Wong), Automaton Biographies)

Ashok Mathur (Loveruage, Once Upon an Elephant, The Short Happy Life of Harry Kumar, A Little Distillery in Nowgong)

Thomas Wharton (Icefields, Salamander, The Logogryph); tenure-track position at the University of Alberta

M.A. Students

Anita Badami (Tamarind Mem, The Hero's Walk, Can You Hear the Night Bird Call?)

Joan Crate (Breathing Water, Pale as Real Ladies, Foreign Homes, SubUrban Legends)

Chris Ewart (Miss Lamp)

Alison Greslik (Brick and Mortar)

Diane Guichon (Birch Split Bark)

Tyler Hayden (Ohmhole)

Cornelia Hoogland (The Wire-thin Bride, Marrying the Animals, Cuba Journal). Tenured position at University of Western Ontario.

Nancy Holmes (Valancy and the New World, Down to the Golden Chersonese: Victorian Lady Travellers, The Adultery Poems, Mandoria). Tenured position in Creative Writing, UBC Okanagan.

Barb Howard (Whipstock, Cowboy Yoga)

Yasmin Ladha (Women Dancing on Rooftops, Lion's Granddaughter)

Pearl Luke (Burning Ground, Madame Zee, Blue Sunflower Startle)

Laura Lush (Hometown, Fault Lines, The First Day of Winter, Going to the Zoo)

Judy Millar (The God Within You)

Peter Oliva (Drowning in Darkness, The City of Yes)

Roberta Rees (Beneath the Faceless Mountain, Eyes Like Pigeons)

Nikki Reimer (Sic, That Stays News, Fist Things First)

Jordan Scott (Silt, Blert)

Jonathon Wilcke (Pornograph)

Nathalie Zina Walschots (Thumbscrews)

Undergraduate Students Who Have Published Books

Anar Ali (Baby Khaki's Wings)

Theanna Bischoff (Cleavage)

D.M. Bryan (Gerbil Mother)

Weyman Chan (Before a Blue Sky Moon, Hypoderm)

Michael Davie (Fishing for Bacon)

Hiromi Goto (Chorus of Mushrooms, The Kappa Child, Hopeful Monsters)

Jacky Honnett (Limbo)

Aimee Laberge (Where the River Narrows)

Micheline Maylor (Full Depth: the Raymond Knister Poems)

Karen McLaughlin (Choral)

Rosemary Nixon (Mostly Country, The Cock's Egg)

Susan Ouriou (Damselfish)

Rajinderpal Pal (Papaji wrote poetry in a language i cannot read, Pulse)

J. Jill Robinson (Saltwater Trees, Lovely in Her Bones, Eggplant Wife, Residual Desire)

Ian Samuels (Cabra)

Barb Scott (The Quick)

Catherine Simmons Niven (A Fine Daughter)

Gisele Villeneuve (Visiting Elizabeth)

Julia Williams (The Sink House)

Rita Wong (Monkeypuzzle, Forage, Sybil Unrest (with Larissa Lai))