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Programs and Requirements Pre-2017

The Department of English website provides general information about programs and requirements. Students should be aware that the official statement of program structures and requirements is the University Calendar. If there is a conflict between the information provided here and the official statement in the Calendar, the Calendar is correct.

A very useful tool for program planning is provided online. Called Degree Navigator, it can be accessed by logging on to MyUofC and clicking "Degree Navigator" in QuickLinks. More information on Degree Navigator works is available here.

The English Major : Where to start...

 You normally start your English major with 3.0 FCE  (full course equivalents) in the Foundation Program. Normally, all of these courses are required before you can proceed to 400 level courses.

The Foundation Program

Students who began the program before 2009 must complete these courses (all full-year courses):   

□ ENGL 240 (Literature in English from the Middle Ages to the Present)  
□ ENGL 302 (Foundations: Intro to Contemporary Theoretical Practices) 
□ ENGL 354 (Poetry: Reading and Analysis)    

Students who began the program after 2009 must complete these courses: 

□ ENGL 203 (Foundations: Literary Analysis) (half-course)
□ ENGL 205 (Foundations: Shakespeare) (half-course)
□ ENGL 340 (Foundations: Literature in English from the Middle Ages to the Present) (full-course)
□ ENGL 302 (Introduction to Contemporary Theoretical Practices) (full-course)

These checklists below may also help you plan your English program:

For students who began their degree as of Fall 2012 - Fall 2017:

English Major (link)
English Honours (link)
English Minor (link)

For students who began their degree as of Fall 2010 to Spring 2012:

English Major (link)
English Honours (link)
English Minor (link)

For students who began their degree before Fall 2010:

English Major (link)
English Honours (link)
English Minor (link)

Students who began their degree program in Fall 2009, please consult an English advisor (call 403-220-5470 or email

Notes: If you have transferred into English from another program or institution, are a Red Deer College collaborative degree student or you are an English minor , you should talk to an advisor about whether you already have any  equivalent courses or whether you can have requirements waived. Students transferring into senior years may be able to take 311 (Shakespeare) instead of 205, but must see an English advisor first about this option. It is not essential to take other first year English courses. We recommend that you work on your language and science requirements in your first year.

Please also note that personal assistance in interpreting program and course requirements is available both from the Department of English and from the Student Success Center To contact a Department of English advisor, call 403-220-5470 or email

The Faculty of Arts also has an Advising Office (SS110), for general Arts degree advising. Please consult also the Student Support page of the Faculty of Arts website, which has a lot of useful information.