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Graduate Student Travel Funding

Options exist to help fund trips to conduct thesis research or to make a presentation at a conference. Please review the following:

  1. The Department of English graduate program grants Graduate Student Travel Funding awards of varying amounts.  Priority is given to students who have not received a travel award in the last 12 months.  Funding is not guaranteed but we do try to provide support.  During their program of studies, PhD students are eligible for two travel awards and MA students are eligible for one travel award. For further information, please click Department Graduate Travel Funding Application.
  2. The Graduate Students' Association has a granting program specifically aimed at supporting graduate student academic projects, presentation, publication, professional skills and development, etc. called the Professional Development Grant (PDG) for individuals and the Group Project Grants (GPGs) for academic groups. Please see the Graduate Students' Association Web site.
  3. The Faculty of Graduate Studies Travel Award is available to all students for one award during their academic program.  Applications and details are posted to
  4. A Faculty member’s research grant could also provide funding for a research assistant.