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This page describes our funding policy for incoming Ph.D. students; please also see our page describing additional funding sources for current and incoming MA and PhD students. For more information on program costs, see the Faculty of Graduate Studies page Tuition and Fees.

Minimum Funding Guarantee for Doctoral Students: Department of English



Graduate Research Scholarship

Graduate Assistantships Teaching (GAT)

Graduate Sessional Teaching appointment

Total Funding
by Year

Year 1



 $17,800 approx.



Year 2



$17,800 approx.



Year 3



$17,800 approx.



Year 4




$12,100.00 approx. 








Departmental Funding

  • Funding after the first year depends on both your progress and our budget allocation.
  • Department Graduate Scholarships will revert to the Department should you win an external scholarship or combination of external scholarships valued at (or greater than) $12,000 in any given year.
  • Should you receive a major external scholarship, you may, without penalty, decline our offer of Teaching Assistantships or Sessional Teaching in order to focus on your research.
  • The amounts listed above are current values; these may increase.
  • Details of your course assignments (as a Teaching Assistant in Years 1, 2 and 3 and as a Sessional Teacher in Year 4) will be available at a later date.
  • Please keep in mind that if you receive a Graduate Assistantship or a scholarship, your first payment will not be until the end of the first month in our program.

External Funding

All eligible students must apply for both the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) and the University scholarship competitions each year. If you win external funding or a university Award, your departmental funding will be decreased; however, we will ensure that the total amount of funding you receive will be equal to or greater than the original offer. 

Tuition and Fees

For exact fee costs please refer to: You can also choose to use the Graduate Student Fee Payment Plan if you are receiving funding.

Renewal of Funding

  • Funding for PhD students is guaranteed for four years contingent upon adequate progress through the PhD program, as indicated by a rating of ‘satisfactory’ or better on the Annual Progress Report.
  • In addition, the Teaching Assistantships in Year 3 are contingent on successful completion through the Candidacy process. Failure to meet the department's Candidacy timeline may result in the loss of one or more Teaching Assistantships in Year 3. Students are expected to complete the General Comprehensive Examination in Year 2 (during the scheduled exam in September Block Week) and are expected to successfully complete the candidacy requirements no later than 28 months from the original registration in the program. 

Block Week Commitments

All students who have been offered a Graduate Teaching Assistantship must be available for the Department Teaching Workshops and the Department and Graduate Studies Orientations held during the first week of September. Please plan to be available during the whole week.

Additional information regarding being newly admitted to our program: