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Continuing Faculty by Specialty

African Literatures: Clara Joseph

American Literature: Pamela BantingMichael T. ClarkeFaye Halpern

Asian diasporic literatures: Shaobo XieLarissa Lai

Biography: Michael Ullyot

Canadian Literature: This has long been a strength of our Department, with faculty members Pamela BantingDonna CoatesSuzette MayrAritha van HerkHarry Vandervlist, Jason Wiens, Larissa Lai, Morgan Vanek working in the area. The University of Calgary is known as an important centre of Canadian studies, attracting graduate students from across Canada and abroad. The Special Collections in the University Library is an excellent resource (see library support document), and there is also a fertile connection with our creative writing program and with writers in residence brought in by the Calgary Distinguished Writers Program. Together these have provided a rich setting for study and research.

Children's/Young Adult Literature: Derritt Mason, Jenny McKenney

Chinese/Chinese Canadian Literature: Shaobo XieLarissa Lai

Comics Studies, Graphic Novels: Bart Beaty

Contemporary Literature: Pamela BantingClara JosephSuzette MayrHarry Vandervlist, Larissa Lai

Cultural Studies: Michael ClarkeJames EllisRebecca SullivanDerritt Mason, Aruna Srivastava

Creative Writing: Pamela BantingSuzette MayrAritha van Herk, Larissa Lai, Vivek Shraya

Diasporic Literature and Theory: Clara JosephAruna Srivastava, Shaobo Xie

Digital Humanities: Murray McGillivray, Karen Bourrier, Michael Ullyot

Disability Studies: Aruna SrivastavaKaren Bourrier

Drama and Performance Studies: Susan BennettDonna CoatesJacqueline Jenkins,  Michael Ullyot

Early Modern Literature and Culture: James EllisMichael UllyotMaria Zytaruk, Jenny McKenney

Eco-criticism and Theory: Pamela Banting

Eighteenth-century/Romanticism: David Sigler, Morgan Vanek

Ethnic Literature/Ethnic Studies: Clara JosephMichael T. Clarke, Aruna Srivastava

Feminist Studies: Susan BennettJacqueline JenkinsRebecca Sullivan

Fiction: Aritha van HerkMichael UllyotHarry Vandervlist

Film and Film Theory: Susan Bennett, James Ellis, Rebecca Sullivan

Gender Studies: Susan BennettMichael T. ClarkeJacqueline JenkinsClara JosephRebecca Sullivan, Derritt Mason

Indigenous Studies: Aruna Srivastava, Rain Prud’homme-Cranford 

History of Reading: Michael Ullyot

Horror: Anthony Camara

Literary/ Critical Theory : Pamela BantingSusan Bennett, Clara JosephPamela McCallumAruna SrivastavaHarry VandervlistShaobo Xie, Rebecca Sullivan, David Sigler

Literary Ethics: Clara Joseph 

Medieval Literature: Jacqueline JenkinsMurray McGillivray, Jenny McKenney

Modern Literature: Harry VandervlistMichael T. Clarke

Narrative/narrative theory: Faye Halpern

Nineteenth-Century Literature: Faye Halpern, David SiglerKaren BourrierStefania Forlini

Pedagogy: Faye HalpernAruna Srivastava

Philosophy and Writing: Clara Joseph

Poetry/Poetics: Pamela BantingClara Joseph, Michael UllyotHarry Vandervlist

Popular Genres: Bart Beaty, Anthony Camara, Derritt Mason, Jenny McKenney

Postcolonial Literature and Theory: Donna CoatesClara JosephAruna SrivastavaFaye HalpernMichael T. ClarkeShaobo Xie

Race Studies: Aruna SrivastavaMichael T. Clarke

Religion and Literature: Clara Joseph

Rhetoric/Composition Studies: Michael Ullyot, Faye Halpern

Speculative/Science Fiction: Stefania ForliniAnthony Camara

South Asian Literatures: Clara JosephAruna Srivastava

Textual Editing: Murray McGillivray

Transatlantic Literature: Morgan Vanek

Translation Theory and Practice: Pamela Banting, Shaobo Xie

Women's Writing: Donna CoatesFaye HalpernJacqueline JenkinsClara JosephAruna SrivastavaAritha van HerkRebecca Sullivan