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Careers with an English BA

What can I do with a B.A. in English?

  1. You can enter the work-force directly. Your education as an English major will contribute to success in business, management and finance (where the flexibility of the humanities graduate is often better preparation than specific business training); government service; the computer industry (which needs people who can communicate well); library work; non-profit organizations; marketing, advertising, and public relations; editorial and publishing work; and journalism
  2. You can take professional training after a B.A. in English. Your degree will be a strong basis for post-degree programs in education; librarianship; or journalism; for programs in marketing or publishing; for entry to an M.B.A. program (especially if you choose appropriate options outside the major); for accountancy; or even for medical school. An English degree, with its emphasis on communicative and critical skills, is particularly good preparation for law school.
  3. You can go on to graduate studies in English (M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, which offer more advanced studies than a B.A. and which prepare students for college and university teaching and for research careers). If you intend to go on to graduate school, you should be aware that our Department requires an honours degree or equivalent as the best preparation.

To learn more about careers for English majors, visit Career Services, MSC 188.