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What English majors do in school

In English you will

  • read texts from different historical periods and from different cultural contexts.
  • learn to read with greater pleasure and heightened awareness.
  • engage with--and express both orally and in writing--new ideas and possibilities.
  • write with increasing precision and fluency.
  • explore the world from a perspective that is exciting, inclusive, varied, and never cut-and-dried.


By the time you graduate, you will have had many chances to

  • read with increased confidence and discrimination
  • write effectively for a variety of audiences
  • engage energetically in current literary, ethical, cultural and social debates
  • understand the difference between textbook learning and research
  • respond flexibly and creatively to change
  • solve problems through logical reasoning, insight, research skills, and self-reflection
  • work effectively both alone and in cooperative groups
  • synthesize existing information, originate new ideas, and express your ideas, both orally and in writing, clearly and persuasively
  • engage respectfully and knowledgeably with people of different race, gender, culture, class, and sexuality