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An Honours degree is the best foundation for further study in English at the graduate level. Honours students have slightly more rigorous requirements for English courses and options and must maintain a higher average than majors. In the final year of their degree, they complete a supervised research project under the guidance of a faculty member and participate in the Honours seminar.

The English Honours degree is offered by the Faculty of Arts, and Arts degree requirements apply to English students. Please make yourself familiar with the requirements of a "BA Honours Degree with Major Field" in the Faculty of Arts section of the University Calendar, as well as with the specific requirements for English courses listed under "BA Honours in English" there.

Since there have been revisions to the program in the last several years, students are advised to consult the official statement of program structures and requirements, which is the University Calendar.

Students must meet the Arts Faculty deadline for Honours admission.

Students must apply for admission to Honours by February 1st before the Fall term in which they intend to take ENGL 504. This step of the application process is made through the Student Centre on Oracle.

PLEASE NOTE that Degree Navigator may reflect changes in your program requirements once you have been admitted to Honours. For example, if you were admitted as an English Major in Fall 2009, but to Honours in Fall 2012, there will be a significant difference in your degree requirements. Please contact Department of English advisors or Student Success Centre if this is creating confusion.

Honours students and prospective Honours students are particularly encouraged to seek advice from the Department about course selection to ensure that English Honours requirements will be met. Phone 220-5470 or e-mail to make an appointment with an advisor. Contact the Student Success Centre to consult about Arts degree requirements and for general course and program advising.