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Josephine Evetts-Secker

  • Associate Professor Emerita



--- At Home in the Language of the Soul: Exploring Jungian Discourse and Psyche's Grammar of Transformation  (New Orleans: Spring Journal Books, 2012) In press.

 Articles and published lectures:

 --- ?Soul?s Infinitive: To be or not.? In proceedings of 16th Congress of the International Association for Analytical Psychology, Barcelona, 2004. The Edges of Experience: Memory and Convergence.

 --- Orphanos Exoikos: The Precarious Possibility of Wholeness, Guild of PastoralPsychology, Guild Lecture 272. Feb. 2000.

 --- ?Grasping the Nettle and/or Brushing the Wing of the Butterfly: Modes and Metaphors forHandling Psyche,? Harvest: Journal for Jungian Studies, Vol. 45, No. 1, 1999.

 --- ?Sacred Mischief: The Angel and the Trickster,? Harvest: Journal of Jungian Studies,Vol.42,  No. 2, 1997.

 --- Noli and Ecce: Dis-covering Psyche, Guild of Pastoral Psychology, Guild Lecture 254, 1996.

 Editions of Fairy Tales: retold with commentaries:

 --- Little Red Riding Hood (Bath: Barefoot Books, 2004) Now published also N. America,  Finland and Korea.

The following quartet of books of tales, which I collected, retold, with introduction and commentary, was originally published simultaneously in England and United States of America. They are now translated into Portugese, French, German, Czechoslovakian, Greek. & Chinese.

 --- Tales of Fathers and Daughters (Bath: Barefoot Books, 1997) New edition, 2011.

 --- Tales of Mothers and Daughters (Bath: Barefoot Books, 1996) New edition in press.

 --  Tales of Mothers and Sons (Bath: Barefoot Books, 1998).

 ---  Tales of Fathers and Sons (Bath: Barefoot Books, 1998).

 (Also published in New York and Melbourne: Abbeville Press. In Paris: Editions Abbeville. In Toronto, Canada: Scholastic Press, 1997).

 Chapters in Books:

 --- ?Initiating a Psychological Education?, in Jungian Psychoanalysis, ed. Murray Stein (Chicago & de la Salle: Open Court Books, 2009).  

 --- ?Incipit and the Interrogation of Nothingness: Psyche?s Response to the Question, ?Why is there not Nothing??, in Destruction and Creation: Facing the Ambiguities of Power (New Orleans: Spring Journal Books, 2010).

 --- ??My place in the crowd ... ? The Princess?s People? in When a Princess Dies: Reflectionsfrom Jungian Analysts (London: Harvest Books, 1998).    

Book Reviews:

 --- Lytta Basset, Holy Anger,  (Ottawa, St Paul University: Continuum Books, 2007) Reviewed for the Community of the Resurrection Quarterly, March, 2008.


 --- ?At Home in the Language of the Soul: Exploring Jungian Discourse and Psyche's Grammar of Transformation?. The Zurich Jung Lectures, Zunfthaus am Meisen. September/ October 2011. (Lectures commissioned in conjunction with the book of the same title).

--- ? Incipit and the Interrogation of Nothingness.? Jungian Oddyssey, Sils Maria, Switzerland, 2009.

--- ??Is life no more than this ??? : Meaning And, Meaning Through, Fragmentations?.

The Contemporary Soul: Searching for Meaning in Aesthetics, Biography, Neuroscience and Politics. Conference at the University of Lancaster, September, 2007.

--- ?Hunger for Images?: A Reflection on the Significance and Clinical Praxis of Privileging Image over Concept?. 75th Anniversary Conference of the Guild of Pastoral Psychology, London, May, 2007.

--- ?Father?s World, Mother?s World: An Exploration of our Conscious and Unconscious Relationships to God as Father and the Institution of Mother Church?. Biennial Conference of the A.A.A.P.C.C.  Launde Abbey, May 2006.

---  ?? ??each thing goes itself?: Authority, Autonomy and Authenticity. Edinburgh:Scottish Guild of Pastoral Psychology. (2006).

--- ?Change in the God Image: What Does it Mean ?? St. Hilda?s College, Oxford. Guild of Pastoral Psychology Conference. (With Dr.Murray Stein)  1998.

--- ?Working with the Orphan: Exploring the Symbol? Institute for Psychology in Art London. October 2004.

--- ??God?s Silent Eares?: Exploring Mood in George Herbert?s Poetry? The Abbot?sGroup, Ampleforth Abbey, Spring 2004.

Lectures Series at the C.G.Jung Institute, Zurich

--- ?The Language of the Soul?.2003

--- ?Soul Geography: Landscapes of the Unconscious?2002

 --- ?Drama of the Child of the Gifted Parent?. 2001

 --- ?Iconography, Iconology and Iconoclasm?.   2001

 ---  ?Orphanos Exoikos: The Psychology of the Orphan?. 2000

 ---   ?Grasping the Nettle and/or Brushing the Wing of the Butterfly: Modes and Metaphors forHandling Psyche,? (Commissioned for the Celebration of the founding of the C.G. Jung Institute.)

 ---   ?Hoping, Wishing, Trust and Faith?. 1999


Photograph of Josephine Evetts-Secker
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