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Future Courses

2017-2018 Graduate Courses

This list of 2017-18 courses and descriptions is provisional.  Check the online timetable in April/May 2017 for the official course offerings.  Outlines are normally posted to the Department of English course webpage approximately one month before the start of classes.  

Additional courses and changes will be announced.  

Fall 2017

ENGL 691 Sem 01 - Graduate Pro-Seminar

ENGL 607.81- Aesthetics of Existence

ENGL 609.64 - Decadent Materialism

ENGL 677.01 - Historical Canadian Novels

Winter 2018

ENGL 607.80 - The Posthuman

ENGL 607.82 - The Virtual Child

ENGL 609.73 - The World of the Eighteenth-Century Book

ENGL 609.74 - Imagining the Other

ENGL 685.01 - Seminar in English Pedagogies

Spring 2018

ENGL 607.XX  - The History and Future of Reading

**DRAM 647 - Studies in Modern Drama 1 (Gender/Theory). DRAM 647 can be taken for credit in the English Department.